Aimee Resoco


The lost art of hat making told by modern day hatters and how the Brass Rooster got started.

Commercial produced for Mr. Rooter to promote their family culture

Commercial produced for Mojo Up Anti Bullying program

Culture video highlighting the professionals working at RICS Software

Short film submitted to the 48 Hour Film Project 2013. We picked martial arts as our genre, purse as the prop, and Dan Fox as an HR Director. The short film is about the camaraderie formed between two patients in a hospital. I worked as the producer, one of the cinematographers and editors for the film.

This film is about a a guy who lives in his dreams to escape from reality. I was co-editor and co-cinematographer for this film. I also worked on the special effects.

This video was produced with a group of Independent Study students. I helped with casting, editing and cinematography. I also worked on the special effects.



Latest entry  with other students into the 48 Hour Film Festival 2012. I helped cast the film and found the crew to work on the project.

This video was created to help raise money for the kids at Riley Children’s hospital. I helped shoot and edit the video. I also worked on the kinetic typography.

This video was made to promote the Timmy Global Health chapter at IUPUI. I helped shoot and edit the video.

The cinematography was a collaboration from a class. I was given footages and I edited the clip shown below.

This video is made for a final project in class. It’s a mockumentary about doing homework and getting distracted by facebook.

First there was planking, then there was owling, now it’s STANDING! Standers are everywhere at the IUPUI campus. I edited the video together.


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